How to make Sugar Syrup

Make Sugar Syrup

Below we’ve put together a 1:1 sugar syrup with white sugar. You can also use other sugars such as raw,¬†brown and demerara which have richer flavours – these pair nicely with brown spirits such as whiskey and rum.

The key to making the right consistency is weighing your ingredients just like any other recipe.

You can also make a richer syrup by increasing the sugar ratio to either 1.5:1 or 2:1 – you will need less sugar syrup in your drink and the syrup will last longer as the sugar acts as a preservative.

Keep reading below for a few cheat methods too!

The following method will make approximately 750mL-1L.

  1. Weigh your water (500g).

Making Sugar Syrup

2. Weigh your sugar (500g)

Measure Sugar

3. Add water to the heat

Making Sugar Syrup

4. Add sugar to your water

Add Sugar

5. Stir until dissolved

Sugar Syrup

In a busy bar and need sugar syrup in a hurry?

Method One:

  1. Measure your water and sugar straight into a jar or bottle
  2. Shake like hell until dissolved

Method Two:

  1. Boil the kettle
  2. Carefully measure your water (from the kettle) and sugar into a jar or bottle
  3. Gently shake to dissolve

What ratio sugar syrup do you use to mix drinks?

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